Milan Design Week 2017
Fuorisalone LAGO 2017

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LAGO enlivens the Fuorisalone with a rich schedule of events in two exclusive locations. From CASA LAGO, in via San Tomaso 6, to Appartamento LAGO in via Brera 30, the LAGO Fuorisalone will be the occasion to explore and share the theme of kindness, dealt with in different ways.


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A new location that will be the heart of LAGO Fuorisalone: a design-driven setting of 400 square metres, a few steps from the Milan Duomo cathedral. During the events, the theme of kindness will be explored and interpreted through welcoming, starting from a simple question: which rituals can bring kindness into people’s lives?

Via San Tomaso, 6

Tu 15-22 | Wed-Sun 10-22

Appartamento LAGO in via Brera 30 will host a schedule of events organised by LAGO in collaboration with students and teachers of Politecnico di Milano.
Via Brera, 30

Discover the collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano
Tu 15-18 | Wed-Sun 10-22

For its annual renewal, LAGO STORE Milano will host the Kindness Home Mood, that recreates the “kind” atmosphere of the Stand.
Corso Lodi, 2

Mon-Sat 09:30–13, 15:30–19:30
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