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Seated, aligned, lying down, suspended: the LAGO living room is designed for everyday life. Thanks to the extreme modularity of the wall units and sofas, the LAGO living room collection lets you create infinite solutions tailored to any style, dream and metreage. Reconfigurable when and how you want it, the living room takes shape the way you like it.

Wall Units

Wall Units

parete attrezzata soggiorno 36e8 LAGO
mobile tv di design
parete attrezzata soggiorno 36e8 LAGO

36e8 Wall Unit

The 36e8 system becomes a wall unit for furnishing the living room with unusual forms.

LagoLinea Wall Unit

One single line creates a customised design, for a feature wall you can really make your own.

Air Wall Unit

A wall unit that furnishes the living room lightly, without fixing restrictions.

Materia Wall Unit

Materia è una parete attrezzata tv che definisce l’armonia del soggiorno contemporaneo.

30mm Wall Unit

Versatile and suspended, the 30mm wall unit optimises space down to the centimetre.

Cartesio Wall Unit

Refined, barely there glass shelves seem to float on air in this playful exploration of full and empty spaces.

Dub Wall Unit

Essential lines with multiple colour combinations.

Et Voilà Wall Unit

A wall unit made of soft fabric which creates unique and original compositions.

Glasserie Wall Unit

A designer feature-wall unit to decorate your living room with elegant glass shelves and panelling.

N.O.W. Wall Unit

Customisable and colourful, N.O.W. is a wall-mounted living room feature-wall unit, ideal for all your storage needs.

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libreria sospesa air
libreria divisoria bifacciale
libreria sospesa air

Pentagram Shelving

The Pentagram modular bookcase features wall-mounted shelves designed to create a dynamic, lightweight look in the living room.

Air Shelving

The shelves and storage units on this bookcase float in mid air, poised between structural glass panels.

30mm Shelving

A functional, modular storage solution that makes use of every inch of available space.

30mm Weightless Shelving

A shelving that divides and organizes the space: it comes down from the ceiling like a stalactite.

LagoLinea Shelving

A custom bookcase that adapts to the space, leaving you completely free to express yourself.

DiagoLinea Shelving

A system of painted shelves that rotate on a pin so that the configuration of the bookshelf can be easily changed.

Tangram Shelving

Seven shapes to combine as you wish, creating the bookshelf of your dreams or furnishing children’s rooms.

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madia in vetro fume

36e8 Sideboard

Originally designed sideboards you can adapt to suit any context or interior design style.

36e8 Glass Sideboard

A glass sideboard created as an evolution of the 36e8 model, alternating clear-glass storage units with elegant storage compartments.

Materia Sideboard

Materia sideboard is a glass monolith with highly refined volumes, ideal for enhancing any living- or dining-room with natural elements.

N.O.W. Sideboard

Sideboards, wall units and storage units: glass furniture featuring vertical panels and a patented opening offers storage solutions for every area of the home.

Air Sideboard

Thanks to its modern lines, the Air sideboard furnishes the kitchen and dining
room with lightness and style.

Plenum Sideboard

The Plenum sideboard a the storage unit with different material effects, ideal for giving a nice touch of design to the living room, dining room and kitchen.

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tavolo in legno sospeso
tavolo rotondo in xglass
tavolo in legno sospeso

Air Table

The suspended Air table seems to float in the air, thanks to its glass legs. Perfect in the kitchen, living, office and children’s room.

Extendable Air Table

Thanks to the leaves, this wooden table can be extended to accommodate up to four extra friends.

Air Round Table

A round table that floats in mid-air with invisible legs and sinuous lines, creating just the right atmosphere for a friendly chat in the living room and in the kitchen.

U Table

Resting on a sculptured metal base, U Table has essential refined lines.

Wadi Table

A clean cut divides the elliptical base of the table in two, creating a contrast with the slim, light top, which comes in three different shapes.

Meet Table

This modern table plays with the equilibrium between the light top and solid base made up of two symmetrical, sculptural elements that meet at one single point.

Janeiro Table

Refined lines on a solid-looking, no-frills base: Janeiro is a sculptured table with a surprisingly resistant thin top.

Loto Table

An extendable table that opens out like a flower. With the leaves, it expands from four places to eight.

P&J Table

A table with essential design and a single fluid harmonious line that enhances its sense of lightness.

Stratum Table

The Stratum table overcomes the limitations of materials, bringing a touch of unique design to the kitchen, dining room or living room.

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sedie di design lago
lago design sedie minimal
sedie di design lago

Dangla Chair

A chair for the living room or office that can be customised with a choice of covers: textured, smooth or with a zip.

Ermes Chair

Ermes is a chair with a thousand combinations, adaptable to any personality.

Pletra Chair

An upholstered chair with a modern design that gives comfort and allows a great customisation of fabrics.

Woop Chair

Woop can be covered in any kind of LAGO fabric, leather, eco-leather or velvet, making this chair the perfect match for a wide range of interiors and tables.

Steps Chair and Stool

A design chair made of felt and aluminium. Recyclable and lightweight, for the kitchen, living room or study.

Joynt Chair

The chair back flexes backwards: the Joynt chair brings ergonomics to the office, but also to the home.

Air Wildwood Bench

A Wildwood bench, suspended on glass legs, for furnishing cafés, kitchens and bathrooms.


A design bench that shapes itself to the weight of the body; a comfortable seat for public and private settings.

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Air Soft Sofa

An inviting sofa offering a sense of comfort and lightness like no other.

Air Soft Free Sofa

Freestanding backrests allow you to design this sofa composition freely, for a modern, light and airy look.

Sand Sofa

Soft rounded shapes for a sofa that offers endless possible compositions thanks to the modular freedom of its backrests.

Happening Sofa

Happening is a comfy sofa with ergonomic, rounded forms that invite you to let go and enjoy the social experience.

Slide Sofa

An ergonomic design sofa, with repositionable trapezoid modules, for giving your living room an ever-changing look.

Chama Sofa Bed

A single mattress can host two people, becoming a confortable extra bed for unexpected guests.

Air Sofa

A modular sofa, with interchangeable seats and seat backs, for adding airy lightness to your living room.

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poltrona letto huggy
lago poltrona design
poltrona letto huggy

Air Armchair

Air is a modular living room armchair designed to float on invisible tempered-glass supports.

Happening Armchair

The Happening armchair features soft, generous padding, expressing an immediate sense of comfort and cosiness.

Chama Armchair & Sofa

An armchair that easily transforms into a comfortable guest bed, single or double.

Huggy Armchair

Perfect for design living rooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms, Huggy can be transformed into an emergency bed.

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consolle ingresso elegante marrone
consolle ingresso sospesa a parete
consolle ingresso elegante marrone

36e8 Console

Wall-mounted, practical storage space solutions to complete the interior design of an entrance or living room with a unique piece of furniture.

36e8 Glass Console

The 36e8 Glass console unit is wall-mounted and features elegant glass storage space.

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Side, Accent and Coffee Tables

Side, Accent and Coffee Tables

tavolini rotondi
tavolino air xglass
tavolini rotondi

Air Coffee Table

An elegant and essential coffee table, suspended on trasparent glass legs, to decorate the living room.

Air Round Coffee Table

A round coffee table with elegant and essential shapes, perfect for decorating the living room.

Pleasure Coffee Table

Irregular forms mark the outline of an occasional table inspired by the natural shape of stones, minerals and precious gems.

Blendie Coffee Table

This coffee table for your living room fuses harmonious forms and textured effects in one, unique top.

Lean Coffee Table

This wooden and glass occasional table offers outstanding craftmanship, thanks to the Wildwood finish.

Upglass Coffee Table

A sleek and simple glass occasional table lightens the feel in the living room.

Layers Coffee Table

Soft shapes and symmetrical glass tops create a modern occasional table with storage space.

Tell Coffee Table

A sofa table designed to accompany you during the time you spend together in the living area.

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complementi per arredamento di design
specchio design italiano
complementi per arredamento di design

Morgana Storage

A chest-of-drawers-cum-sculpture with wheels and spacious drawers that can rotate in every direction.


Softswing è un’altalena morbida e colorata con cui giocare e divertirsi.

Punto Storage

A unique storage that also serves as a mirror, for furnishing the living room, bedroom and bathroom.

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Pleasure Mirror

A modern mirror inspired by the soft shapes of a water-smoothed pebble.

Glass Mirror

A wall mirror creating see-through effects within an elegant glass frame.

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TV units

TV units

mobile tv 36e8
mobile tv 36e8

36e8 TV units

36e8 TV units: infinite modular, lightweight compositions

Materia TV Units

A glass monolith becomes an extremely functional TV unit, customisable in size and finish.

36e8 Glass Tv Unit

A modern TV unit built for your every storage and display needs.

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Glenn Rug

Uniform shades make for a decorative furnishing with a minimalist look.

Dive Rug

Captivating chromatic nuances gives this designer rug a soft, dynamic look.

Pulse Rug

A soft rug for your living room with deep, vivid visuals.

Rug Phos

Featuring a striking, short-pile pattern, this rug has real appeal.

Ammos Rug

A modern rug with a subtle, solid-colour pattern.

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