Wardrobes tailored to your style and space

Modular, innovative and colourful: LAGO wardrobes become an element of interior architecture, adapting themselves to the space and needs of the people who use them. Traditional doors step aside for an infinity of colourful bands or fabrics that become a textile wall. Sliding or hinged, suspended or on the floor, dress your LAGO wardrobe the way you like.

N.O.W. Wardrobe

N.O.W. can be fully customised and changes the way you think about wardrobes in the bedroom. It suits any interiors. 

N.O.W. Quick Wardrobe

This unique wardrobe creates a dialogue between different materials, making N.O.W. Quick a real work of design, within everybody’s reach.

Smart Wardrobe

The Smart wardrobe can be customised with lacquered doors in a range of sizes and colours to create chromatic compositions with real personality. 

Groove Wardrobe

The Groove wardrobe combines aesthetics and functionality, and uses innovative materials to create a versatile end result with an unexpected design.  

Cut Wardrobe

The camouflaged opening is what defines the Cut wardrobe: a sleek, structural piece that fits in perfectly with any interior design.

Key Wardrobe

The Key wardrobe fronts are decorated with exquisite inserts and the Flapp handle masterfully built in. 

Flapp Wardrobe

Sleek design and functionality are one and the same in the Flapp wardrobe, thanks to the fully integrated handle on the glass door. 

N.O.W. Sliding Wardrobe

The new sliding mechanism and customisable glass doors create a fresh wardrobe design that is elegantly practical. 

N.O.W. Quick Sliding Wardrobe

Unique colour and material pairings decorate the N.O.W. sliding wardrobe to create an innovative design. 

Et Voilà Wardrobe

Design wardrobes, in floor and wall-mounted models, with an interchangeable fabric door.

Air Wardrobe

A design wardrobe for furnishing bedrooms, but also clothing stores.